OBS-IT, A software house based in Denmark. We provide complete integrated solutions and bespoke software development with the focus on high performance, massive scale and extreme reliability.


Front to back order management, inventory and quality control system for the car recycling industry.

OBS Time & Materials

Mobile frendly job management system for service industries.

OBS Workflow

Hosted Workflow engine offering extreme performance, high levels of customisation and a broard reach.

About OBS-IT

Founded in 2014 as a wholly owned company. We have quickly established ourselves as a major supplier of quality driven, high performance software systems in the warehousing, automotive and service sectors.

Early on we recognized the importance of micro services and actor frameworks to achieve high levels of scalability and reliability whilst reducing infrastructure costs. We are now the leaders in delivering this type of architecture on the .Net platform.

Our system currently process over 400million DKK worth of payment transactions every year and maintain an uptime of 99.996%